Our Vision

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USD Account

Our first product launch is a USD* based Account making your money work for you. This is because our lending partners want and pay interest on USD. So you deposit AUD, it's converted to USD and you get interest in USD.

AUD Account

In our next release we hope to offer you an AUD based account as well as a USD account, so you can choose whether you want to hold Benjamins or Avocados.

Pay a bill, or, your mates

This Account is going to be the place where you can have your cake and eat it too. Earn a fair rate on your savings and be able to pay your friends back for that boozy brunch you had last Saturday.

Pay with a card

And when you need to spend, we want to be there for you too. Virtual cards are on our agenda.
*No official partnership with VISA. For illustration purposes only.

Earn a bob, or two!

Unusable rewards points are a thing of the past.
Bob points will be allocated to our early customers and loyal fans, and plan to be redeemable, tradable, swappable and most importantly, useable.

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