Bobbob 2.0 is live!

August 30, 2022
Bobbob Team

We've been working night and day and are proud to announce that Bobbob 2.0 is now live! 🎉 To see the changes and access new features, please update your app. 

What's new? A lot have changed and it is for the better. ‍

We've simplified our logo 💚

A new user interface ✨

The entire app has been re-designed for a smoother and cleaner experience. A new colour palette, new icons and a smooth design, just for you.

Get more with a glance of all important numbers on the home page, and swipe up for all your recent transaction.

P.S. You can now also hide your balances on the home screen, so you can show your friends your App without needing to share how much funds you have invest.               

See your daily interest! 📈

What is better than watching your money grow daily? 💰 See the interest you accrue daily right inside the Transaction History tab. And with just one tap. 

More-so, you can also filter for deposits too, to easily track how much you've deposited over time.  

Automated investing! 🦾    

Here's to having one less task to worry about. 🍻

Set up weekly, fortnightly or monthly repeat deposits right from the App to automate your investing and create a positive savings habit. Set up automated investing by tapping on your iconic green transfer icon, and press Deposit.               


Deposit without leaving the app! 📲                

Gone are the days where you have to manually open your banking application to deposit money.

Now you can create a once-off direct debit right from the app without having to leave. It is safe and simple.    


See your estimated interest per month 🤑

Before making a direct debit, you can now see what your estimated interest per month will be!

The more you put in, the higher interest you will earn.                


Coming Soon!

A host of novel, game-changing features.

Save What You Don't Spend

Ever wished that the money from those things you never bought was actually saved somewhere?

Your wish is our command. Save What You Don't Spend is nearly ready for you!

Invest in digital assets

Want to dip your toe in the crypto world but don't know how? Great.
Just deposit A$, we'll do the rest

Salary in Bobbob

Want to earn some of your salary directly into Bobbob? Done. 

For those who want to earn some of their salary in crypto but didn't know how... Look no further.


Start earning 7.60% on your savings today.

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