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A high interest account for SMSFs

Whether you're looking for high yield, diversifying your SMSF with some US$ exposure or just want to use bobbob for your cash float between investments, bobbob accounts can now be opened for SMSFs.

Simple email, receive an onboarding form and have your account opened with a day.

You're now also able to buy and sell digital assets through bobbob, so if you're looking for Bitcoin or Ethereum exposure and US$ yield in one place, look no further.

A high interest account for Corporate Treasury & Funds

Our regular account (deposit and withdraw at any time) is the solution to low interest on free cash for companies with US$ exposure.

For funds and financial advisors, a bespoke, fixed term investment with up to 9.00% yields on US$ is a wonderful portfolio addition in times of high inflation and a difficult to predict financial market.

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